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I just finished the FCCA and sent in my CPNE application for Wisconsin sites, since I live in Wisconsin. I'm hoping to get a date within 4 months. My printer didn't burn out printing the whole CPNE study guide, thank god. :yes: I... Read More

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    Quote from Kayrie
    Passed! It was very difficult but very doable if you can keep your nerves under contol. I took chancellors workshop in Indianapolis...the 5 day workshop. Everything I learned there is what I used to pass. Failed one very first one...due to nerves. Then passed the other 3 after I went in the hallway & calmed myself. Passed 2 PCS's Saturday then my repeat lab. Sunday morning passed the last PCS! Advice...practice practice practice! & go to a workshop...a MUST & worth every penny!

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    Quote from nursemami4
    Congratulations....and I know you will do great on the NCLEX.
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    Congratulations to you. I'm going to Madison in less than two weeks for my CPNE. I've been a LPN for about 20 years and the last ten of it I've been working on my bridge to RN through Excelsior. There are few things I've ever wanted personally and professionally the way I want this. I don't think I was this nervous on my wedding day!!! I'm scared to death. Any major pointers?
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    I just got notification I am testing in Madison in July. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. This is my second attempt.
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    Can you elaborate more on this grid and mnemonics and what is PCS
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    Quote from AmyLPNtoRN82
    Can you elaborate more on this grid and mnemonics and what is PCS
    A PCS is patient care situation - EC students care for at least 3 and up to 5 patients during his or her CPNE. This explains about grids and mnemonics:

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