RT with 2.5 years experience mostly homecare. Is excelsior a possibility for me?

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    Looking for advice. I am an RT with minimal hospital experience besides school clinical and working in a large university teaching hospital for five months. Since becoming an RT I have mainly done home care. I am a mother of three and need to work full time to support my family. I really want to be a Registered Nurse and someday a Nurse practitioner. Could I successfully become an RN through Excelsior and get a job with minimal hospital experience?

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    Your chances are just as equal, or more, than any new grad without experience, if your state accepts EC. But that teaching hospital would be my first application if I were in your shoes.

    Whe I went through EC, there were two RTs within my circle of friends and they had no problems at all after the program. Of course, everyone has a different experience. Good luck to you!

    Your picture sure does look familiar. Have we met, other than in the mirror, I mean?
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