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    I'm thinking about doing the ADN program, however was just informed they don't accept FAFSA! I understand it's because it's "credit by examination", but now I'm wondering if it's even worth it b/c I definitely cannot afford to pay as I go, nor am I too keen on taking out a private loan. Are there any other options? How are you guys going to manage the financial part of this program? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Excelsior does offer payment plans for the enrollmet fee (split into up to 6 payments), the examination fees (split into 2 payments) and for the FCCA & CPNE fees. There are a few scholarships available but one must file the FAFSA to be eligible.

    When I'm ready, I'll do the payment plans. It's an application fee and no interest while paying off. Much better for my situation than yet another loan.

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