Passed Lifespan 1 !!

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    Just got home from passing Lifespan 1, that was definately harder than the previous tests ! I thought for sure I failed 1/2 way through, and had to keep telling myself to keep trying hard on all the questions, just in case I would pass by one question (he he ). I ended up with a B, now I just want to veg, but have to start on LS 2, testing for that September 19th !
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    Congrats what material did you to pass?
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    Thanks ! I used Study Guide 101, Saunders (edition 4, Comprehensive RN-NCLEX review), and went through the course outline from Excelsior, to make sure I looked at all the required information. The practice exams through Excelsior really helped me focus on areas I was weak on, too. Good luck to everyone on your journey !!
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    Thank you for sharing and likewise
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    Just started studying for life span 1, what is the study guide 101 and were can I purchase it from?
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    Passed Life span 1 on the 18th, definately harder than the previous exams. I also used studygroup101 - they sell study guides for the ec exams and some of the clep exams. I highly recommend them - can't beat it for the price! Here is the website Home
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    Congratulations and Good Luck to those preparing