Passed Lifespan 1 !!

  1. Just got home from passing Lifespan 1, that was definately harder than the previous tests ! I thought for sure I failed 1/2 way through, and had to keep telling myself to keep trying hard on all the questions, just in case I would pass by one question (he he ). I ended up with a B, now I just want to veg, but have to start on LS 2, testing for that September 19th !
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  3. by   monalisa lpn
    Congrats what material did you to pass?
  4. by   KitkatPRN
    Thanks ! I used Study Guide 101, Saunders (edition 4, Comprehensive RN-NCLEX review), and went through the course outline from Excelsior, to make sure I looked at all the required information. The practice exams through Excelsior really helped me focus on areas I was weak on, too. Good luck to everyone on your journey !!
  5. by   monalisa lpn
    Thank you for sharing and likewise
  6. by   nsmith3
    Just started studying for life span 1, what is the study guide 101 and were can I purchase it from?
  7. by   BrillyD
    Passed Life span 1 on the 18th, definately harder than the previous exams. I also used studygroup101 - they sell study guides for the ec exams and some of the clep exams. I highly recommend them - can't beat it for the price! Here is the website Home
  8. by   nsmith3
  9. by   Rita007
    Congratulations and Good Luck to those preparing