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Passed Health Difference Across the Lifespan 2

  1. 0 I took the exam this week and passed with an B. Of course, I was hoping for an A, but B is better than nothing! Lifespan 3 is next.
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    good job!
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    Good Job! This is next for me. How was it?
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    It seems easier to me than Lifespan 1, but I got a B.

    I had a lot of multiple answer questions, where you check all the boxes. I had more nutrition related questions than I expected. There were some critical thinking questions, too. If I were to take it, again, I would go over the metabolic diseases and read over the Rx and nutritional needs & common nutrient imbalances in those. So, it would help use the practice tests & study guide to show you what areas to study. I used Study Guide 101 and a Vango notes audio book ( for a medical surgical nursing book.
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    Hi ,
    I need your advice for ls2 as I am revising the material I took practice exam A got67% .I scheduled my exam in august .I am using NCLEXRN Saunders review book .any pointers pls
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    Def review and know the s/s of cushings, addisons, know insulin teaching for a child and adult, know s/e of meds for lithium and such! Best of luck
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    Thanks a lot nursemami4
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    what vangonotes will i need for ls3