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PASSED CPNE at Albany Med 9/30 - page 2

Well, it was not easy at all, failed 2 PCS and still managed to pass. I studied for 4 months and took an online workshop and it was still tough. I suggest a carepanning workshop, this helped me a lot... Read More

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    Wonderful Job!!! I am working on my nerves and studying now. I test in 3 weeks.....In Georgia. Please feel free to message me, I need encouragement toooo.
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    Wow Congrats!!! What hotel did you stay in?
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    You did it! Congratz!
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    does it matter where you go. I just came back from Madison Wi. Did not pass. failed one pcs because of evaulation documentation. I have heard so many bad things about Atlanta but it is much closer to me. Any advice out there about the locations
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    Hey how did it go. Looking into goiing to Georgia sites. Didnt pass at St Marys Madison WI. Hope all went well with you