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  1. Hi. I am a foreign trained physician who got married to my husband who is a US citizen. I came to the US to start a family with him. I am now also a US citizen and we have 3 kids. I used to have a job but was displaced from my position being that I am not an RN. I am now receiving unemployment benefits & have been approved to receive a training grant which is not that much.

    I was planning initially to take LPN so I could finish in 1 yr, have a job & send myself to school for BSN. However, since the grant money is small, I would have to add about $10,000 to take the program. It is big because when I lost my job, we moved to another county that was closer to my husband's work so I am not eligible for in county tuition fee.

    I recently heard about Excelsior, I am thinking that this may be the shortest route for me. However, if I do the Excelsior route, it won't be approved for the money grant & I would not receive unemployment benefits as well. So, I am thinking of enrolling in a community college for some subjects & take the rest of exams with Excelsior at the same time. Does anybody know if this is possible? I did not see the Multi Source option under Nursing on Excelsior. Any advise for me at all would be greatly appreciated.
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