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    I am currently reading Microbiology Demistified and am wondering if anyone has ever recorded themselves reading it? If so, would you mind sparing that audio? Or is there a place that I can purchase an audio version? It helps to hear the words while I'm reading it (as weird as it sounds). I am planning on recording myself but I don't think I can afford a recorder for a couple more weeks.. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

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    people learn different ways. one of the most commonly accepted models is visual, auditory or kinesthetic. I am visual, but any time you combine multiple methods, you will learn it that much better. I recorded myself reading a lot of the sg101 notes, and I got the idea from researching how people studied for micro. many people said they used Vangonotes. instead of buying them, I just started recording myself. I read along while listening, which helped keep me on task and hear it as well as see it. I used a microphone hooked up to the computer (you may have one lying around somewhere) and free software called audible. that way I could use it on the computer, mp3 player, cd in the car, whatever. good luck.
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    Wow great advice thanks! I will get that "audible" software..
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    sorry, audible is something else. audacity is the recording software I used. link below.
    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
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    oh ok thanks because I was looking all over.. I finally found a "read out loud" function with adobe reader which is okay but I'll try this too thanks! I also found a free link for the book if anyone wants it..
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    I was recently told on here about the website zamzar.com you put in a pdf and it will convert it to mp3 so you can listen to your notes via itunes, ipod, phone, etc
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    I tried zamzar.com, I'm sure some of you can use it but the voice drove me nuts. It was like Twiki from the old Buck Rogers show reading to me.
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    Yeah I recently tried to download more voices for adobe reader because they sound too mechanical but all the voices sounded the same to me with minor variations in pitch.. Oh well I'll work with what Ive got. lol..
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    Quote from reebokHCFR
    sorry, audible is something else. audacity is the recording software I used. link below.
    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    the audacity software works great thanks! the only thing was that I read an hour's worth of material and got all cozy to play it back but it only recorded about 2 minutes! lol I guess I have to fiddle with the settings..

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