LPNs who went through excelsior

  1. Any LPNs that have went through and completed excelsior, I would like to here your experience with the CPNe.. Thanks
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  3. by   ssalulu
    I went to excelsior right out of LPN school with no experience. I passed the CPNE the first time. I went to a workshop and studied every day for 6 weeks. It's doable.
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    At the time of my CPNE, I had been an LPN for 24 years. The only way my LPN contributed to my CPNE experience is that as a med-surg LPN, I was comfortable with people looking over my shoulders watching my every move. My advice to ANYONE taking the CPNE, forget about your medical background for three days and do EXACTLY what EC tells you to do. After all, it is THEIR exam; they literally wrote the book for that weekend.

    Oops, I forgot to share my experience. I failed my first PCS because I failed to document a carton of milk in the correct intake location. I passed the repeat PCS as well as the other two. I also passed all lab stations with no problems. I was really nervous about the IV medication calculation for drip rates because as a med-surg LPN (and thanks to modern technology), I had not needed to calculate ANYTHING in years; that was already done by our pharmacy with meds labeled accordingly. Anyway, I passed the CPNE on the first try because I studied and was trained to do everything according to the EC initials, not the LPN initials. Good luck!!!!