Information from any GA/FL students would be appreciated!

  1. 0 I am considering going back to school at Excelsior, but I have a lot of concerns with the school being accredited and being able to take the state boards. I have looked on the state board websites and neither Excelsior or The College Network are listed as approved schools.

    Another concern is clinical hours. Since the school is online, how do you get clinical hours in?

    Also, I have seen some posts about Excelsior and The College Network not be associated with one another. When I spoke with an advisor a while back I was told you took your core classes with one school and your nursing classes with another. I'm not exactly sure how the two programs work together.

    If anybody has information that could help I would greatly appreciate it!
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    The College Network is not a school. They publish study guides that cost more than the corresponding EC exam... kinda silly, if you ask me. The College Network is NOT required, and EC cautions against using any third-party publishers like that.

    As far as state acceptance of EC, there is info here:
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    Your questions have been asked and answered many times here; try search. Excelsior has their own website which would answer most of your questions also.

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