If you were taking your CPNE for a second time

  1. Did it take you long to get your date? I am practicing like crazy. Re-reading the study guide and always praying.
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  3. by   BostonNurse2876
    Don't even think that way!! Keep a positive attitude--take your time--THINK!!! if you are studying like crazy you will get through it. It may not be pretty (like it isn't for most people) but they DO come out on top. And you will too
  4. by   nursingforever35
    Hi BostonNurse thank you for your encouraging words. They mean alot to me. Perhaps I should just focus on practicing. I have been reflecting on my failure of the CPNE at the beginning of the month. I think I am just anxious to get a new date. I just need to slow my roll That is where I am at this time. I am using my first experience as learning experience. However, I did not want to wait forever so I am awaiting a new date.
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  5. by   Mudwoman
    The BEST thing I did in preparing for the CPNE was to time myself when practicing. I found that eventually, I could do every single one of the labs in less than 7 minutes and you have 15 minutes. Knowing that I had twice the amount of time that I needed helped me relax and take my time and think. I did that for every element of the CPNE. Divide it up and practice it as if you are doing it. Make it so familiar that it is routine.
  6. by   nursingforever35
    Thank you Mudwoman. I am definitely taking this time as I wait to practice. Anyone that has been successful with the CPNE spend hours preparing for this exam. I recognize this now.
  7. by   k9kabs
    It was much easier the second time around.....you know what to expect, you know how the pcs's flow etc.

    the labs are a given. You know what they expect you to do....no surprises there. I did all the aoc's on a friend all together. charted them all. You will see that they do not take much time to do. I used Tina Logan's careplan site, and loved it. She is amazing, but I don't know if she is doing them any longer. Do a workshop somewhere, and re read the guide.

    good luck
  8. by   BostonNurse2876
    I would do a workshop too, I have a friend who had to take it a 2nd time and she used a workshop the 2nd time and passed with no problems. She failed the first time due to lack of care plan knowledge and if no one is teaching you the way they should be done, I think it would be tough to pass. Good luck!! You can do it!!

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