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I think ec is what I need

  1. 0 Hello,

    I will be applying to excelsoir this coming week, I know once I enroll they will be able to tell me what credit is transferable or not but I have some question anyway.

    My question here is if I already have a&p 1 do I still need to take ec's a&p since they cover both. I spoke to an excelsoir rep and she said a&p 1 is enough for the Applied in nursing program, but another rep told me no.

    Also with aleks do I have to be fully enroll to have ace transfer the credit to ec. I wanted to start with information lit, micro, than the transition and health and safety, but I need to figure this a&p thing out

    Some say basic math is enough and some say no, have anyone was able to get the basic math accepted

    I really need to get motivated, I was able to finish my lp program while working full time , I had one kid at that time. I have a baby now, going to class is not an option for me right now, not to mention the stress of writting entance essay, interviews, and competing with 100 of applicant...

    I m in MA I'll be looking for study materials also.
    Thank you in advance...
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    hi. not sure if its different now, but i only had credit for a+p1 and i did have to takethe exam that covered both. this was 1year ago- june. notsure about the other exams. good luck to you.
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    you have to have the full a&p sequence, so if your school does a&p 1 and 2 then you have to have both. my school had anat and phys (2 separate classes).
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    I also did ALEKS, and the Basic Math is not eligible for ACE credit. The Beginning Algebra IS, though... I did that class in a week (about 32 hours of work), and asked to have it added to my ACE transcript. I also did Penn Foster Info Lit, and am having that added to the ACE transcript. One other class I will take is Eng101 through Straighterline, which I will have added to the ACE transcript. Since the number of ACE credits will be limited for students enrolling after October 1, I may try to get a few more general credits added before that deadline. I have applied, not yet enrolled. You can submit ACE credits with your application or after applying. Hope this helps...
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    Okay so you only took ec a&p exam, did you focus on their study material or you use an a&p2 book. I was thinking of taking it at a local college but it will cost over $300 maybe taking the test will be better. Also is the credit earn for the excelsior a&p transferable to other school?