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I have LS1 scheduled for tuesday ....

  1. 0 I am very nervous about this one, I have only the three lifespans left and hope to finish in time for May FCCA. So I got a 53 on practice exam A and I got a 63 on practice exam B, do you think I'll be ok? I have nausea ((
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    You should be okay ppl say scores of practice exams in the 60s or higher should give you a passing score. Ive gotten low 50s and passed my exams before.
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    Wow. I got pretty much the exact same scores as you...A 52% on Practice exam A and a 63% on Practice exam B.
    I saw another post by you where you said you passed the exam. Do you mind me asking what grade you got on the real exam?

    Also how much more studying did you do after the second practice exam before taking the test?

    I'm really curious because I am not feeling good about these exams and these are the worst practice test scores I've had.
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    Hi! I did end up passing, but only with a C. My advice is to study the heck out of those practice exams and rationals. After my second practice exam I pulled about two all nighters....you can do it! When is the exam?
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    I haven't scheduled it yet. Usually I don't sign up for a date until I feel ready. I live near several testing centers and I can usually get in to take an exam with as little as 24 hours notice.