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I have been doing Beginning Algebra as my math requirement for Excelsior through ALEKS for about 2 months now. I called excelsior yesterday to find out how to register for their math exam but they told me that ALEKS is a course... Read More

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    Quote from tnmarie
    @mdsnurse12 You can get most of your prereqs several ways. For math, you can CLEP, take a college course (online or brick and mortar), or4 use ALEKS. ALEKS seems to be far and away the most popular option for math. I've C4LEPed every other prereq, but I am going with ALEKS for math.

    BTW, an advisor got back with me and said he didn't know about the code, so if some of y'all who have done ALEKS before could help me out, that would be great. I fig4ure you register under "personal use" but I don't won't to have to take the whole thing over because I signed up under the wrong option. Thanks again!
    Hi... from the home page of ALEKS, in the middle, on the right it says 'independent use' and in there click on students. I did the free trial first then signed up. Great way to complete the math requirement..... good luck!!
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