having success with Sociology?

  1. 0 having success with Sociology?
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    Yes, I am! I just turned in the very last of my assigned coursework this afternoon. I took the accelerated 8 week course through EC. The reading wasn't too bad; 2 chapters a week, 2 discussion board posting with replies, and usually an essay or so. I really enjoyed it and am glad to be done!! lol
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    CLEP'ed in in 3 weeks. Highly recommend CLEP :-)
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    tnmarie, What materials did you use to study for this?
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    REA Sociology Study guide was all I needed.
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    thanks tnmarie i failed socioloogy the first time didnt really study that much and had alot going on at that tme should have study more but thanks for the info
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    How does the Clep work I need sociology credit as well thanks
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    It works a lot like an Excelsior ECE. You find a testing center near you, sign up for the test, and then study on your own. For more info:

    How to Register for a CLEP Exam | CLEP

    The tests only run about $100. As previously stated I found REA Clep guides the most helpful. I passed just using those. And if you are on GI benefits, you will be reimbursed (though it takes like 6 months).

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