Has anyone that passed FCCA in Aug r/o

  1. received a CPNE date yet??
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  3. by   Mesiam
    Tried to reply in private, but I guess I am not here enough to have that privilege haha HI! --- My application got approved in 48 hrs, and only took a day longer due to a date mistake on my physical. Anyways, I just called yesterday to follow up on CPNE date, and I was advised I should be receiving an email in about a week with the date, BUT right now they are beginning to book into February/March (NPAC)..sad, sad news to have to wait that long. I plan on taking ST in late Dec/Jan depending on my clinical date. I have read many posts that it's best to be prepared well- prior to attending it, as it can be overwhelming if you are just there to learn. Good luck and keep in touch!
  4. by   jlynn167
    sent you a private message!! I got both messages from you, so I guess you do have privileges