Frontier RN-MSN Bridge GPA Requirement

  1. Question on the GPA requirement at Frontier RN-MSN Bridge program. I tried to get ahold of the school, but am unable to so thought I would post on here.

    The site states that they take your GPA from your "most recent degree" must be above 3.0, if between 2.7-2.99 then GRE, does this mean they will only calculate in my GPA from my Associates Degree In Nursing, and not do a cumulative of ALL post high school coursework?

    The reason I ask, is I have above a 3.3 for my ADN and LPN coursework, but have a LOW GPA (below 2.7) for my post high school attempt to go to a state school/medical issues, etc. and unfortunatly it pulls my cumulative below the required 2.7 GPA. SO, I want to know if they will only take GPA from ADN program (as they state "GPA must be greater than 3.0 from MOST RECENT DEGREE COMPLETED) and does not say a cumulative of ALL coursework.
    Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

    Also, i've been a nurse for 2 years...I have ICU, ER and ambulatory care experience. I would LOVE to get into this program, thanks!
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  3. by   klone
    Yes, they will look at the transcript and GPA from your nursing program.

    I'm glad they didn't look at my post-high school attempts at college, because my GPA at that time was something like 1.0!
  4. by   ICURN099
    THanks so much!!! So do I still need to send those transcripts from the state school???? Or just my nursing program?
  5. by   klone
    And a suggestion...I would really recommend you do an RN-BSN program online somewhere else, then apply to the MSN program at Frontier once you have your BSN. With Frontier, the bridge coursework takes a year, $10K, and a LOT of hard work, and you do not have a degree to show for it when you complete it. In the same amount of time and for less money, you can get a BSN degree online through another school, and nobody can take that BSN away from you.

    Anyway, that's my suggestion from someone who did part of Frontier's bridge program and then decided to transfer out to get my BSN. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss it further.
  6. by   klone
    Quote from ICURN099
    THanks so much!!! So do I still need to send those transcripts from the state school???? Or just my nursing program?
    I still sent in all my transcripts, good, bad and ugly!
  7. by   ICURN099
    Hey Thanks for the suggestion! ?not sure how to pm, or if I have that function? :-)

    Where did you complete your RN-BSN? I have everything in and am scheduled to start at University of Texas at ARlington on Sept. 26th. It is going to take me approx. 16 months and cost around $13k. I've had trouble with the admissions process, but I needed a fairly cheap all online program that would accept my low "cumulative" GPA. Now that i'm all registered there, i'm wondering if I should move forward with UT-A, and plan to apply to Frontier when I am near the completion of my BSN.

    Also, how long was the frontier program for you AFTER you had your BSN? Did you get accepted to the program right away? I've seen online that the average for full time is 24 months, just wondering if this is accurate and if a lot of students get turned away when they apply.

    Thanks much!!
  8. by   klone
    I withdrew from Frontier's bridge program in the third term. I am now doing my RN-BSN through Western Governor's University. Most people are able to complete it in 2 terms (12 months) and it costs $3250/term. So in two terms that would be $6500.

    24 months sounds about right for Frontier's master's program (assuming you're not doing the bridge program, which adds an additional year).
  9. by   ICURN099
    I was actually going to go to WGU, and had all of my stuff in for them as well. I decided on UT-A because of the 3.0 GPA with WGU, I was worried that I would have difficulty getting in to grad school. Maybe you have heard of some students at Frontier or other grad programs that went to WGU for RN-BSN that could clarify this?? WGU had an excellent admissions process, and I really wanted to do their program r/t cost and timeframe, but I just didn't know about the GPA.
  10. by   cosmicmama
    I'm also looking for answers re: the GPA issue with WGU and starting MSN at Frontier. I'm interested in doing just that, but haven't committed to WGU yet because of my unanswered questions.