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I hope you'd be able to advise me on this. I am a foreign-trained doctor who had been displaced in my job (replaced by an RN) & receiving unemployment benefits. I just learned that I had been approved to receive a small amount of... Read More

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    Nursing responsibilities are different from doctors. And you may have clinical exp as an MD in your home country, but you will have to adjust to the U.S. way, culture, the tech equipment and all. Aside from switching duties to nursing from a doctor. Like for example, doctor put in order for the drips (you know this dose,etc since you're an MD) but do you know the drug calculation on ml/hr to put in the pump? do you know how to use the IV pump? what to mix NS or D5W? I am suggesting that LPN/LVN will get you familiarize on all these. Remember Excelsior has no clinical training in their program. The CPNE is the only and actual practical exams bec they assume you already know the clinical aspect.

    I don't know your life situation. A lot of things you will have to consider if you can do both at the same time. who is going to take care of your kid while you're at school? your financial situation, are you willing or able to pay for two tuitions? time wise? study time? clinicals for LPN, etc. You will have to weigh things carefully. You don't want to overload yourself and eventually neglect your health. My suggestion is to take one thing at a time. But of course, it's your life you have the final say.
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    Wow you are the opinionated one. You simple nursing skills sich as iv drip
    Calculations are elemetary for a FEP. You seem kinda degrading to a FEP...
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    Closing thread as OP not been online for several months.

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