Excelsior? What is ACE credits and is 7 still the limit?

  1. I'm a LPN I will be doing Excelsiors Lpn-rn program. Does Ace have to do with clep? I have NO prereqs. If there is some sort of limitation on where/how to obtain prereqs which in your opinion should I focus on as far as ACE since it seemed to be something good. I'm using a combo of Clep, Dantes, Aleks? Penn Foster and ECE. If you know a better route for any such as Straighterline for certain creds please let me know!This is my plan:*Humanities (6 credits needed) -Analyzing & Interpreting Lit (6 credits, CLEP)*Natural Sciences (? needed) -A&P (6 credits, ECE) -Micro (3 credits, ECE) -Beginning Algebra (3 credits, ALEKS)*Social Science (6 credits needed) -Human G&D (3 credits, CLEP) -Lifespan Developmental Psych (3 credits DSST)*Info Literature (1 credit needed) -English 1?? (2 credit, Penn Foster)Please help I don't want to waste time doing something that won't be accepted. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Penn Foster cannot be used for info lit. CLEP does not count as ACE credits. PennFoster was pending ACE approval earlier this year. Straighterline is ACE credits. Only a percentage of your credits can be ACE. Check with academic advising as pre-approval is needed for all credits to be accepted.
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  4. by   Ultraposh
    Wow thanks so much. I'm relieved that ace doesn't refer to clep! Thanks for also letting me know about the Info lit and Penn Foster as well .
  5. by   DrCera
    Life Span Developmental Psych and Human Growth & Development are interchangable - they are the same course - EC will not give you credit for both. You might try UeXcel for English.