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I recently passed the NCLEX and am now trying to figure out how to prepart a resume. There was really no clinical experience with EC and I am not sure how I should word it. Does anyone have any advise? Thank you.... Read More

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    Quote from RNFinally12
    I thought I was suppose to list them. I was looking online at several entry level RN resumes and they listed clinical experience on it.Thank you everyone for the input. I think I have my resume in order now..Happy New Year!
    I hope you are proud of your accomplishments. The CPNE is a monster and you conquered it.

    Maybe practice being more enthusiastic about EC now so on your interview, they will sense that the EC RN program is not an easy feat?

    Good luck RNFinally12!
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    It does not matter where you receive you degree from. We all take the same NCLEX and we all receive the same tile... REGISTERED NURSE!!
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    AgldragoonRN,Thank you for your kind words. I am very proud if myself. Anyone who graduates from an RN program should be. It is the hardest thing that I have done in my life..
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    Quote from llg
    Actually, you can graduate from EC without any "real work" experience in health care. That's the OP's problem. It sounds like her ONLY clinical experience is the experience she got as a student from the first program she attended but didn't finish. EC will accept students who flunk out of their nursing school -- and give them their degrees as long as they pass the tests -- additional clinicals not required. That's one of the main reasons a lot of people (and an increasing number of state boards) have serious reservations about EC. They do graduate people with next-to-nothing in clinical experience. That's the situation with the OP.If I were the OP, I would simply say that I graduated, am an RN and hope the employer does not ask for details. If they do, talk about the clinicals at your original school in the courses that you passed.
    FYI Excelsior no longer admits students who have failed out of a traditional nursing program as of January 1, 2012 "Effective January 1, 2012, applicants who have completed 50% of the clinical credit hours in an associate, bachelor's, or RN diploma nursing program are no longer eligible for direct admission to the School of Nursing. Individuals who have completed at least 50% of the clinical nursing credit hours with a minimum grade of C within 5 years of enrollment into Excelsior College will be reviewed on a case by case appeal basis. This appeal process requires submission of the undergraduate application, fee, official transcripts, and letter of appeal indicating where and how clinical skills are being practiced in a health care setting. Only applicants who are currently employed in a clinical capacity and maintained good academic standing (minimum grade of C in all nursing courses) throughout their nursing program will be considered in this appeal process."

    Source: Admission Requirements for Associate Degree in Nursing Programs - excelsior.edu
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    Quote from RNFinally12
    It does not matter where you receive you degree from. We all take the same NCLEX and we all receive the same tile... REGISTERED NURSE!!
    Unfortunately it matters to some of the BONs in various states. But seriously ... there will always be those who disparage certain schools' quality. I just focus on being the best nurse I can be, and I don't rise to any bait. Not worth it!
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    Honestly, it will matter. I'm in the same boat and I've got 8 years of direct primary provider experience! In addition, three related degrees and in a RN-MSN program. They (for whatever reason) still will ask about the clinicals. I've asked the same question to others b/c it's hard to explain EC program to those who are stuck in "brick & mortar" mentality. It's getting better but also worse b/c of the number of people going into nursing at traditional universities where the lines get blurry about who is doing online and classroom. EC isn't much different from what traditional schools are doing but they are catching flack about the clinicals.

    Do I think it's right? Heck no..I passed the same national standard (NCLEX) everyone else did, why should it matter? Depending on the school/person clinicals may just be a waste of time if it's just observation. I did 1400 hours of clinicals to become a Chiropractor with labs, treatment, exams...blah, blah. I know a lot is transferable skills but trying to get someone to understand that is getting hard to do.

    So my comment? Get a job, any job and do some practical time in a hospital as a PCT or something. If I wasn't so pressured to make a certain income that would be my next step b/c at least that will be something to show them. It can get you connections, get you experience and get you hired as an RN from the inside which is a heck of a lot easier than coming from the outside.
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