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Hello everyone! Im an lpn who lives in ga. I just finished nursing school and would like to start on my rn. I dont have many pre req's maybe 3 total. I was wondering if anyone knew how much excelsior cost from start to... Read More

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    Here is step-by-step how to CLEP a test:

    How to Register for a CLEP Exam | CLEP

    It is not through Ec. You find a testing center near you and register. Show up, take the test, and depending on the testing center, they may or may not send the results to Ec; you may have to do so. You know right away if you pass. An additional benefit is that CLEP is widely accepted at most accredited colleges.

    I used REA CLEP guides and passed with flying colors after 2-3 weeks of study. You also need to check which subjects are available for CLEP. Most prereqs are available. You can find out here:

    CLEP Exams | CLEP

    Finally, always double check with an EC advisor to make sure the CLEP test you are considering is applicable to the credit you are taking it for, even if it seems obvious!

    Good luck :-)

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    Hi i am new to this site as well and I recently graduated in August and received my Lpn license in August as well. I am very interested and motivated to start on my Rn classes to become an Rn. I would like to know if anyone from Mississippi has gone through Excelsior or if anybody has gone through there can give me some advice as to what the program is like. Im working full time i have two little ones and i am married. So should i drop down to working part time so that i can focus and will the state board take accept this school with no problem. Sorry so lengthy
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    Tnmarie---there was over 6 weeks between finishing CPNE and graduation. So after about 3-4 weeks I filled out all the paperwork with state and Pearson vue. So by the time I graduated the only thing the state was waiting on was transcripts. So they mailed those the day I graduated. I got ATT a week and half later and I could have taken NCLEX within a week but I wasn't done studying so u scheduled it for 3 weeks out. Good luck.

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