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I have paid for the application fee & sent my transcripts & have got an email back letting me know what credis I have would transfer, but I've been reading all these reviews that are not good about... Read More

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    Im trying to decide if I want to do excelsior too. I am in SC so I believe I will go to Georgia for clinicals. My sister got her Rn trough EC and she did it very quickly. She said it was a lot of hardwork but beat having to go to community college and do extra side work on top of the many exams. Do you believe EC helps with the nclex-rn ?I was told it did..since your exams are like it. Im just nervous about the cpne because I tend to get anxiety with people watching me..Since I have joined this website..a lot more people have positive things to say than negative!
    Your clinical evaluator basically will not say a word once you enter a patient's room. So, I just kept her out of my line of sight. I indirectly explained everything that I was doing to her by directly explaining everything that I was doing to my patient. I never looked at the evaluator....pretended it was just another day at work, except without the pay. Families watch you all the time in nursing. Get used to the spectator effect. There are more rubber-neckers in the hospital rooms than there are on the highways! During my CPNE, I positioned myself in a manner that was conducive to my carrying out the assigned areas of care to my patient. It is up to the evaluator to position HERSELF to be able to evaluate me. Her eyes are not your concern.....the patient and the task at hand IS. Now, your next excuse, I mean reason, is.......? Lol! Seriously, though, forget about the evaluator. I told another student that the main thing to focus on with the CPNE is Monday morning because by then, the CPNE will be a thing of the past. After her weekend, she sent me an email saying, "Lynda, guess what? It's Monday!" my response was, "Told ya!"
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    I'm new to Excelsior also. I've out this off too long. I tried to use the College Network, alternative study materials, and was quite angry at myself when I discovered the easiest way to study. I bought the recommended books, pulled out the syllabus(study guide), and went to town. I'm it saying it is easy, but going against the grain was just making it harder.
    And , I also feel I have received adequate personal attention at Excelsior. When I've sent a concern or made calls, I am always responded to cry quickly.

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