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  1. I am seriously considering the excelsior program for my associates RN. I have been an LPN for 6 yrs and am ready to take the next step. Excelsior is my only option if I want to do this. I have already checked with the WA nursing commission and they except the program to sit for boards and may states will endorse the license after so many hours of experience. My question is to those whom have taken this program and are now RNs. Do I need the extra study material from these publishing companies, or are the materials from Excelsior enough to pass, if you are diligent? I really want to do this, but obviously I want to make it to the end and I need some honest feedback. I would love to be able to attend a RN program, but I can't since I need to work full time. I also only have my LPN credits, so it would take me 4 yrs elsewhere. As any LPN would understand, I already do the same work as an RN. I might as well get payed as I deserve.
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  3. by   sueall
    You'll find a wealth of information on your question under the Excelsior thread in this sub-forum. Bottom line, the third-party book marketers are NOT necessary, are very over-priced, and require signing a contract unless you find the book sets used on eBay or the like. Some students used them and liked them, of course, but Excelsior maps out for you what you need to study, and offers practice tests for a price.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
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    Excelsior College has posted a statement regarding the use of third party test prep services.

    About Test Preparation Services - excelsior.edu