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Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting, but I've been reading posts on here for years. I am a Psych Tech in CA, which has the same scope of practice as an LPN. My husband and I met in Psych Tech school, and have continued... Read More

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    I'm taking LS3 Monday 3/19 my last exam before I register for FCCA and CPNE. For all of my exams I have used Studygroup 101 and Vangonotes and I highly recommend them both. Studygroup 101 gave me so much info with many review, rationales, and practice exams it is well worth it the $ . I listen to Vangonotes will I sleep and drive to really absorb the info. Good luck to you and your husband

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    Yeah, I know the value of vango notes when sleeping, it must have worked cause I got a B on Micro with it.
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    Quote from Nervous1
    I failed this one once and recently passed it 2 weeks ago with a B. I memorized the practice exams.....seriously, every question and answer! I studied those exams religiously for each exam. I also used my Saunders (yellow one). You also should read the rationales, because they will also help you on the exam.
    What pages of the yellow Saunders did you use? I feel like a dunce using that book I can't navigate it so I stick with the CD but the CDs questions are way too easy; ridiculously easy!
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    Quote from TashaLPN2006RN2012
    ps if i can figure out how to download my audio off my SD card i will send it to you!

    If you still have the audio can I have it? Puh leaaaseee????

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