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  1. So I'm finally at that point. My FCCA will be here March 20th and will be done by the end of the month. I'm taking the next week or two to compile my CPNE app stuff. I am torn between NPAC and SPAC. This is where having the journal article access would come in handy. I know nothing about NY or GA, I'm from VA and will be traveling alone. The perk of SPAC is being able to do a mock checkoff with Sheri and I talk like I am from GA, strong southern accent, so I will fit in better. The perk to NPAC is faster test date and more site options, although my plan is end of June or first of July for testing. I need to be able to fly in, get a cab or car service to hotel and be in close distance to the hospital. I don't want to venture off too far from the site. Anyone have any recommendations based on their experiences? I've searched the site so much, I've worked myself into a frenzy trying to decide.
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