CPNE without pediatrics ?? Meriter or St.Mary's ??

  1. I live in Wisconsin, so I'm planning on taking my CPNE in Madison, WI. I looked at both Meriter's and St. Mary's websites. It looks like they both take pediatric patients .. ugh. Anyone know if either is a better chance at not getting a peds patient? I thought that perhaps Meriter might not be as specialized in that area. Also, can you actually specify which hospital you want from the region you apply for? I'm working on the FCCA right now, so I'm getting a little ahead of myself !! Just getting excited !!
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  3. by   evolvingrn
    Meriter doesn't really have a peds floor per say. when my son was there a few years ago it was awkward because no one new what to do with a 4 year old...........thankfully he was just there for diagnostic testing so he didn't need actual care. i know they now something connected iwth the er for peds.............but its not much.

    St. Marys doesn't get a whole lot of kids either lately....i think either have a decent chance of not getting a peds pt.