CPNE - Roll Call - Please respond

  1. 0 I got all my paperwork together - Finally! Application process completed and now the waiting begins, I know it takes awhile, so I will have to be patient and start reading the CPNE Study Guide - UGH!

    How is everyone else making out preparing for the CPNE?
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    I applied in May, got my date in August, tested in October. I prepared for about 3 months total. I would HIGHLY suggest taking a care plan workshop.
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    I became CPNE eligible in August and got my test date for NOV 9,10,11. I am reading the study guide 19th ed. and am taking hands on workshop in Georgia with Sheri Taylor on Nov 2,3,4. Everything I have researched highly recommends her and I already did her online workshop for 3 months also.
    Feel free to message me, I am a nervous wreck!!

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