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OK, now that I am over the shock of getting a CPNE date so quick... Any advice from Utica CPNE graduates? Did you like the city, the facility. I have not had a moment to look up the facility. Is it a smaller facility? Did... Read More

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    Quote from John SPN
    I am testing in Utica as well. March 1-3 2013. So nervous! I was planning on just doing Sherri Taylor's ONLINE workshop (in addition to a lot of studying of course). Opinions about that?
    That's how I'm doing it!
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    Hey John SPN,
    Im doing online workshop at think that it's very helpful. Def read studyguide first. The workshop allow you to understand what you're reading. I will let you know more when I pass in Jan 2013
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    Well, I have 2 weeks left until I go to Utica for my CPNE. Getting down to practicing labs, have my mnemonics memorized, just really hope I don't do something silly and fail. Way too much effort, stress, time and money to do it over again.