1. 0 Anyone looking for a study partner for cpne in NJ?
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    Hi. Where in NJ are you located?
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    Phengro thanks for responding I live in middlesex county, do you want to exchange email?
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    Hi. I received your message and wrote a long response but I was not able to send it apparently because of my low post count. I sure would like to be your CPNE buddy. How long have you been studying for the CPNE? I am just about to start and I have no idea where to begin. I am looking into attending a workshop but I cannot find one that is near NJ. Have you?
    Kindly pm me your e-mail if you wish and I will respond to you using my e-mail. I could read your message sent to me here in allnurses but could not reply to it. Thanks!
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    I also need a studdy buddy in nj I live in Woodbridge
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    Hi. I saw your private messages here in allnurses. I sent you both an e-mail.
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    If anyone is still studying in NJ in Sept I'd be interested. Assuming I can pass both FCCAs this summer..knock wood. I'm in North Ocean County but would travel.

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