CPNE date September 14-16 at Southern Regional Med Ctr - page 2

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Passed FCCA July 9th. I completed my application July 27, got it approved July 28 and called in for a cancelation date on August 3rd and got my official CPNE date for September 14-16th at southern regional medical center. With... Read More

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    Hi, missnurse01, have you taken cpne yet??
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    Yes, in Albany back in 2005!
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    O! Congrats x 7 years!! lOL. I was under impression you were testing...
    I am excited to be done soon.
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    Crap I took it in Atlanta not Albany lol !
    Yup happy it is over. Just finished bsn and applied to grad school for next year start. It will be over soon for u !
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    Hey how did it go. Looking into goiing to Georgia sites. Didnt pass at St Marys Madison WI. Hope all went well with you
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    It went really good. I passed with 1 repeated pcs. SRMC is a great testing site.
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