Can anyone please give me some information about taking info lit?

  1. 0 Hi.. While I tried to register for this course through excelsior, it looks like the class won't start until September and the class lasts 2 months... Does thisway that there will be homework and stuff? Is there any other way I can take this course in a shorter period of time? Thank you for any info!!
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    Penn Foster Eng 103 $70 and 2 hours... awesome!

    Individual College Courses - Penn Foster College
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    Hi, I just finished the course through Penn Foster, it was cheap and finished it in less than 3hrs. You can search this site for others input about the school. Also, prior to u taking it there, you have to get approval from you advisor.
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    Thank you! So I need to speak to my advisor first?
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    How does Penn foster work and can you do human growth and development that way also or just through CleP?
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    If this is the same info lit that I took, it took me about 2 hours to complete in total It was an absolute joke. Easiest credits I've earned so far.
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    I took it through penn foster and just sent my transcript in and it was accepted. I didn't speak to anyone first.
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    Quote from smile2754
    How does Penn foster work and can you do human growth and development that way also or just through CleP?
    CLEP is a good way to do H G & D... also inexpensive, and 3 credits with a moderate amount of studying. I thought the material was very interesting, too, so it made it easier to read... good luck!

    For Penn Foster, click on the link above... you register online, read the material, and take a few tests... now that is VERY easy!

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