Anyone preparing for the CPNE..

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    are you taking or have taken Excelsior online documentation or Careplanning Conference? I think this will be beneficial.

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    I haven't taken it. I am currently using Robs CPNE prep and it has some carplan stuff on it. Im doing the FCCA at the end of the month and I have everything turned in for the CPNE and waiting on a date. Have you applied for the CPNE or got a date yet?
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    Yes. I am going to Mansfield, OH in March. I am reading the study guide again. I was so nervous the first time I read it. I was shaking. I understand the pneumonics and make sure to apply with each area of care. I have been on the EPN which is very helpful. They stopped journals this week but thats ok. I am muddling through. FCCA was not so bad at all. I was shaking when I turned that in also...LOL. Passed it though using my Mosby book. I said I would be ready by January, that is how I received my date. Good luck to you. You are going through the home stretch like me
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    Sounds good, ya I have been working on my care plans and started browsing through the 18th edition CPNE study guide. So how long did it take to receive a date after you applied and how far out was the date. I actually live in Florida but I applied for the NPAC because I heard that it was quicker. What is the EPN?
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    I'm also hoping to test in Mansfield, OH. I gave them a ready date for after April 1. Just waiting to hear so I can pace my studying. Let me know how it goes there and best of luck!
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    Excelsior peer network which has students like us input on how they are preparing. It gives you an opportunity see how others are preparing to complete their courses. i decided to take the documentation online . I wish i could afford the careplanning. If anyone found documentation and careplanning helpful. Your input is appreciated.
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    Hi gardeningfool. I will let everyone know. I am so ready for that post-cpne life you would not believe
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    im testiing in atlanta in march! taking online care planning and doc conferences in feb and beginning of march. have my clinical lab set up at home, already went to a cpne workshop....i still feel lost though...hoping the repetiveness will sink in soon lol
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    That is wonderful Tasha. I am just starting to feel comfortable with the AOC s. But you know what they say practice makes perfect. My fear is doing everything and making a mistake on documentation. Im glad im going with Excelsior. I am praying for us. We will get it done. By the grace of God
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    AHHHHH what is an AOC? I want to be prepared for allof it, haha.

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