anyone have problems with health status report being accepted for CPNE?

  1. I sent my cpne application off and found out that my health status report has been rejected due to the TB section. I am allergic to a preservative in the mantoux solution and that is clearly stated on form along with my last chest xray date. I called excelsior and was told that I need original doctor who diagnosed allergy to write a note stating I am allergic. Said that physician I saw simply "took my word for it". I was diagnosed in 1999 in Ohio and now live in Louisiana. My problem is the doctor who filled out my health status report isn't my pediatrician that administered my vaccines and yet that is acceptable but an allergy isn't? Just curious if anyone has had similar problems or helpful advice
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You may have to have an evaluation by an allergist for a definitive diagnosis. I know I've been reacting to the PPD for a few years (blotchy rash, hives but localized reaction that doesn't spread. My PCP has advised me that, in my case, right now it's safe to continue with the skin testing.) It's always interesting when the MA's at my PCP try and read the test as positive due to the hive even though there is no induration...but the office nurse or my PCP clears the test and then has to re-educate the MA on the difference between a hive & a positive PPD. I don't know what changed in the solution, but good to know I'm not the only one with this reaction.

    You could always try and find out if they will accept the blood test showing that you are clear from TB. It is often used for those who were born overseas and received the BCG vaccination (which causes a reaction to the PPD skin test).

    It's called the IGRA and there is information on the CDC website here: CDC | TB | Testing & Diagnosis

  4. by   theas
    I spoke to my doctor today and he stated he would just write letter clearing the chest xray and stating my allergy. Hopefully they will accept that. He said they could do blood work but would have to be sent out and is expensive and my insurance wouldnt cover it. My understanding is it is a porcine preservative that causes my reaction, same one that is in heparin that I am allergic too also.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Interesting. I would think if he has documented your preservative allergy they should be able to accept that as "not just taking your word".

    Yes the blood test is expensive...I know my sister's west coast grad school health center offered the test at no cost to certain nursing and allied health students who met certain criteria but that apparently is a unique scenario. (She's an SLP grad student but some of the potential clinical population is high risk & medically fragile)
  6. by   theas
    Yes I would think excelsior would have accepted it the first time, but am crossing my fingers this works. I was just curious if anyone else had this problem because they seemed dumbfounded when I called about it