What are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Hi fellow nurses!

    I'm new to the site and like many of you I have been a student of entrepreneurship.

    What do you think are top 10 qualities of being a successful nurse entrepreneur?

    Thank you! I look forward to sharing and exchanging information with you fellow nurses!

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  3. by   BarbaraNP
    The biggest things are:

    - Focused
    - Implementation
    - An open mind
    - Flexibility
    - Determined
    - Passionate about their business
    - Willing to invest in their business
    - Understands the value of a mentor
    - Truly understand the concept of win-win-win
    - Failure does not mean stop, it merely means "next"!

  4. by   magnolia nurse
    I agree, especially the passionate part, there will be days when you will be wondering why you are working like a dog and not making a profit but if you have a passion for it,, the money will come.. I learned this in other things I have done..
  5. by   jwoods09
    1. Client focused and centered
    2. Dedicated to positive outcomes
    3. Ability to collaborate and coordinate services with physician and family
    4. Assertiveness
    5. Intuitive and able to anticipate needs
    6. Great listening skills
    7. Ability to multi-task
    8. Business savvy
    9. Ability to market your business/Social skills
    10. Able to evaluate and re-vamp as needed

  6. by   innovativemurse
    Able to communicate effectively
    You need a supportive Partner/Spouse (might not get paid for awhile)
    Competitive "edge"
    Strong work ethic
    The ability to lead
    Organizational skills
    Need to be disciplined
    You actually have to sell yourself and your services
    Important: Embrace technology

    You will work harder than you ever have (especially in the beginning), but in my opinion I have never been more satisfied than being an entrepreneur. Hands down, the best feeling.