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Hi there, Gosh I am so excited to be done with my footcare course that I attended in San Diego through Shelly Taylor! The course was awesome and I learned alot. Now just passing the test. I have... Read More

  1. by   NedRN
    Sorry, I still don't believe that a local practitioner would lurk on a national forum to find local competitors in a subforum with very low traffic and screen names that usually do not identify a real name. That would be the same odds as a lightning strike, not impossible, but dumb odds.

    It is much more likely that a local podiatrist with concerns about local competition investigates locally, and then Googles that practitioner to find online information, including social media. That is almost certainly what happened on those blogs you mention. Probably the blogs were personal to the person writing them and identified them clearly. I'd be interested to know why they might have been removed, but conspiracy theories about other sites are really off topic on this forum and people stop posting blog entries for all kinds of reasons.

    Bottom line is there is no reason to fear posting on this forum. If something we propose are are doing is against regulations in some jurisdiction, I think we would all learn by freely posting that here.
  2. by   sav3alif3RN
    Hi yrmajesty3, Just read this thread and it's good to know others are joining this area of Nursing. I haven't been on in a while so I can't send you a private message due to the new policy on here. I have my own business and I'm doing well. Consequently, I need to get my policies written. I would love to get more insight from you on how you went about doing it. Can you PM me and then I can reply privately?
  3. by   raenice4life
    Hello, I am a RN in NJ. I took a foot care training course at Emory University in January 2014, I would like to start my own foot care biz soon, do I have to take the exam to have my own independent business?
  4. by   yrmajesty3
    My understanding is NO, you do not have to take the test. Many practice without it. You do need to show that you have been trained though. Keep your curriculum materials to prove that you have this knowledge. I encourage you to take the exam though... it shows competency.
  5. by   raenice4life
    Ok, thank you for the reply back.
  6. by   RavinM
    This discussion is very interesting, My name is Ravin, Registered Practical Nurse from Canada. i am looking forward to start my own business as a Foot Care Nurse. please give me some suggestions and tips. i will join in advanced foot care course for nurses next month. but before i join i would like to know more about the scope for this business. i live in toronto, already poppulated with all healthcare professionals.. if anyone could guide me that will be more appreciated..
    waiting for your comments. thanks
  7. by   Charbear2200
    Are you still doing foot care in Idaho? Did the clinic ever work out? Interested in how it is going. Are you in Boise?
  8. by   litbitblack
    Marketing suggestions I would check with the DON's at the long term care facilities and let them know the service is available. We have 2 podiatrist that make facility visits in my city and you have to have a doctors order as well as consent from family d/t billing issues. Medicare now requires the PCP to see a pts feet and document the issue before the podiatrist can be consulted so I think if you get your name and your service in with the people that would know the patients that need your service you might pick up some more business. We do have some residents that families pay a private massage therapist and even a councelor that were recommended by the DON &social worker at our facility.
  9. by   mandii7
    Hello! I know this thread is years old; however, I'm interested in entering this a new career venture as a foot care nurse. I'm an RN with my MSN and certified in case management. I'm working towards a certification in foot care as well. I would like to communicate with you more about your business and how things are going.

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