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Hi there, Gosh I am so excited to be done with my footcare course that I attended in San Diego through Shelly Taylor! The course was awesome and I learned alot. Now just passing the test. I have... Read More

  1. by   bizi
    yes to their primary or internist. For the most part it is a pedicure.
  2. by   bizi
    I just met with the womens business center to get their assistance with my business.
    They will help me in getting my business separated from my personal accounts, help me with marketing,
    they will help me spruce up my web sight and marketing material. So I am excited about that.
    Therer is no charge for their services.
    Will keep you updated.
  3. by   dawnma
    I am nurse in Texas and am currently providing Diabetic foot care on an outpt basis. I recently went to Emory University and completed their Diabetic Foot care course and plan to take the CFCN exam in the near future. I have been approached by family and friends to provide foot care for their elderly family members. I am now contemplating starting my own business.

    Is there any information / advice you can offer. Also I see above that you are sending a request for orders to the pts PCP. Is this a requirement in Lousiana? It is my understanding from a nurse in another state she does not need MD orders. I have contact the Texas BON for any advise and have not heard back. I've searched their site and everything is so broad it is hard to interpret.

    I thought I would start doing this as extra work on the weekends and as my client base builds go part time at my current job and eventually (hopefully within the year) have my own business full time.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   bizi
    just wanted to let you know there is a foot care nurse category under specialties.
    Yes it is required in my state that I obtain md orders which I then fax over and they sign them and fax them back and I maintain charts on my clients.we had a 3 page directive on foot care for this state. get back to your board.
    best bizi
  5. by   bizi
    The womens business center is going to help me legally set up my business so that it is more professional and seperate from my home account.
  6. by   alp1
    I realize this is an older post, however, what type of licensure or certification did you need to get in order to have your own clinic site? Who inspects your site? I was trying to find information on the government website and am not having much luck. I will call the Health Department and try to find more info. I just thought I would ask you first. Hope all is going well. Thanks
  7. by   sallyspring
    I would go for it. I have started a small business too and i bill 55 for home visits and 50 in my clinic. Invest in a vac drill. Medicool does some reasonably priced ones. You need to sterilizse the instruments. I found some kits for single person uses ( susol) that I use for regular clients and I arranged with a local hospital for autoclaving. If my business picks up, I plan to buy an autoclave.
    I am not familiar with how payment is processed in the US, but here, I get paid by the client at each visit, I do not do invoices and I am too small to use visa or client cards. The clients can claim back from their insurance if they have that system or use it for their income tax. Even if the Podiatrists don't like it, there are always clients who can't use their services and would appreciate a visiting nurse.
  8. by   sallyspring
    Don't ever forget to buy liability insurance.
  9. by   sallyspring
    I keep charts on each of my clients for liability reasons. Even when I only did home visits.

    How do you obtain a physicians order to provide intermediate level care?
    Do you need a physicians order to do foot care if you are working in your own business? I am interested
  10. by   sallyspring
    I am having the same experience. I realize that I have to get out there and market myself more aggressively. Initially, I had planned on doing a home visiting service, but not every one has the type of furniture that was suitable for my back safety, so I renovated a room in my home and started giving service there. Most people like that. I do have some women who plan an afternoon at one house, so I will still do that as it is cost effective to do three or four clients in the same house and only move the equipment once. I have set up a facebook page too and do some educational snippets/post links etc. I encourage them to like my page so that they get notifications when I post. I also posted a map to find me.
  11. by   sallyspring
    Don't just think of seniors. There are many people who need foot care/pampering to the level that a pedicurist cannot provide. In Canada, I don't think that they can work on diabetic feet. What about the US?
  12. by   sallyspring
    [QUOTE=lindarn;6652345]Have you presented them with the idea, that your fees are probably less than Podiatrists? Mabe if you can get the idea across that your services are equal to the Podiatrists, that the almighty $ can sway them? Perhaps offer something that they don't?

    Can you combine foot care and diabetic teaching, foot care, etc? Make yourself stand out from the others.

    I combine diabetic teaching, self care, fungal management etc as a routine part of my service. I also use facebook a lot. If you register with Linkedin you will also get contacts. Some supply companies take names of foot care nurses and list them too.
  13. by   sallyspring
    Hey Bizi
    Pedicare is a company that sells Susol products which are kits you can use on individuals and use only for them.
    This domain by Coming Soon!!