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i have worked in the hospital and private practice for almost four years. i wanted to experience different areas of nursing, but have decided what would really make me happy is to start my own... Read More

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    If you wish to advertise at, please contact the site owner, Brian Short by following this link:
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    Well, have you ever heard of the small business development center (SBDC)? It is a federally funded program located in every county in every state. It is usually affiliated with a community college or university. This program was developed by the government to promote the growth and also to help existing small businesses be successful. Reason for this?? Small businesses are a tremendous asset to the economy and create thousands of jobs thus economy. You do not need an MBA to start your own business or any business knowledge for that matter. These counselors will guide you the entire step of the way, from creating a business plan to marketing. From start to finish! I know this because I am currently working with a business counselor from the SBDC to launch my own business in the Phoenix, AZ area. I do not have any prior business experience. This program is entirely free!! Business counselors hold business degrees and own or have previously owned a successful business. Depending on the type of business you would like to launch, they will match you with a counselor who has experience in that particular field. Again, there is no cost to you...this is a free service available to the public. Look up the Small business development Center or SBDC on the web and you will see what an amazing program it is. Good Luck!!! Hope this helps

    Thank you so much for this info-I am in the process of starting my own business in NJ. I want to offer services in the field of dialysis. I know that home hemodialysis is on the rise in my area. I want to make that approach.