Starting an IVInfusion Clinic

  1. Hi for those that have there own business in Infusion Home Services, wonder if you can help me out. Where I live the hospitals dont have a clue on what an IV nurse even does.

    Patients are tortured day in and day out. Being stuck multiple times with out standards of care.

    A few of us, who have been nursing for over 20 yrs want to offer an infusion service, home visits and be an independent contractor for hospitals that don't have this service, but have no clue how to start his venture..
    Can some one direct me to what I need to do before this happens?
    IM excited with the challenges and iM pretty much a go getter.

    How do i set up costs?
    Where can I find out how much our services cost, and being a business what would the profit margin be?

    anyone have any ideas,

    We want to put a stop to the torturing, and the unknown policies in force.
    Protect the children from being stuck multiple times to then get the docs to say" lets wait and see? treatment is delayed and patients die
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am not sure you will be able to get any hospital pay for an outside contractor to come in for that service......many hospitals in this economic climate are laying off and suspending their IV teams.

    I wish you the best.......I moved this to nurse entrepreneurs for best response.
  4. by   wildboo
    I'm not sure that what the other poster said is strictly true. It may be true that hospitals are laying off IV teams etc, but with the changing climate in healthcare where hospitals are pushing people out sooner and LTC facilities are taking sicker pts, and more things are being done at home, I think your idea has traction. As to how to go about it, that I don't know. Fee schedules and things at hospitals are usually proprietary, so you may have to work up your own (unless you have an inside man in a hospital business office who might "slip" you some fee ideas). I work IV therapy for a company that does LTC facilities and we are now going to start doing midlines on site. So, don't give up!