start a business in nursing

  1. I am very interested in starting my business in the near future.

    I am currently getting my BSN degree.
    but of course I believe education is very important.

    I love health care, but I also love working on my own and being my own boss.

    I have always been interested in the business aspect of nursing.

    But I was just wondering how I could start a business in nursing, like a staffing agency, or a home health care company.

    Should I go back after my BSN to get a masters or a bachelor's in business and start from there?
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  3. by   tlancio
    I know this response is late but I thought I would share some information that might help someone else who wants to start their own nursing business.

    You question at the end of the post "Should I go back after my BSN to get a masters or a bachelor's in business and start from there?" my answer would be no don't go back for your masters, at least not yet. You can always work on your masters later, but if you want to start a nursing business get started now learning all you can about business. You can do this by checking out the Small Business Assoication website or joining the National Nurses in Business Association or Nurse Entrepreneur Network. All three places have excellent resouces you can tap into now to get you started on your business journey.
    Here's their website addresses:

    Hope this helps
    Tina L.
  4. by   JordyJ717
    Hey I just joined this forum today after I spent some time searching the internet and found that your post was just about exactly the type of question I was looking to ask. Im not sure if there is a direct message option on this forum yet so I apologize if this is the incorrect way to get some feedback from you, I am not a big blogger. I would love to hear if you have many any progress in your pursuits yet though seeing as how this is an older post. I am a junior nursing student earning my BSN and I would love to start my own business.
  5. by   Kingilus
    Hi, any update with how you are going along with business?