Private Nursing business in KY

  1. So, I am a home health nurse and I would like to do it on a self employed private pay basis. Not like in shifts, but going to patients houses and fill medisets, draw up insulin, draw blood, provide assessments and teaching without the hassle of paperwork that medicare requires. How do I start my own buisness doing that, and is it legal to do that in the home? I want the patients who don't qualify for home health anymore but just need checking on.
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  3. by   passionflower
    Sorry don't have any advice aside from doing a search online for setting up a home health care business. However, I would like to offer words of encouragement. I think you have a good idea and potentially a good business
  4. by   Amanda.RN
    Hi brandim,

    Congratulations to you for wanting to take the next step!

    You're describing care management services. I recently started a business providing these types of services. You can start a business fairly easily by following your state's guidelines. The beauty of a nurse starting a business is that it's fairly inexpensive (start-up costs will probably be between $1,300-4,000 depending on how wisely you spend and how much you want to spend to get started).

    I would start by coming up with a business plan, then decide on your business name (you can go to your state's website to look up the availability of names you're interested in), then apply for a business (I recommend LLC) in your state. ...and don't forget your insurance (I recommend the Nurse Service Organization).

    After that, you'll get your marketing and advertising materials (i.e. car magnets, business cards, refrigerator magnets, brochures, letter head, etc - I recommend for this), set up a website & Google AdWords to help get your name out there, and develop your own way of charting and record keeping.

    I did a lot of research to get my business started (hundreds of hours - I didn't track, but it was a lot of time). Start by doing online research specific to the rules and regulations in your area - Google will be your best friend! I also recommend checking out (National Nurses in Business Association - Pat Bemis is the president - I've read 2 of her books & found them very helpful).

    I have a side note regarding the hands-on care (blood draws) you mentioned - this will lead to additional costs for your liability insurance. You might consider offering transportation services instead, or set-up home draws through the client's doctor's office or a local home health agency. ...just a thought.

    I hope this information is helpful. Good luck to you!!

    Best regards,
    Amanda Tillema
  5. by   lulu997RN
    Hi Amanda, i am interested in starting this type of business as well. I will like to offer services such as assessment. weekly medication set up, teaching, transportation to dr.'s office for check up and blood draws and medication pick up from pharmacy. how much do you think one should charge for these services. thanks in advance!
  6. by   Amanda.RN
    Hi lulu997RN, if your business were to include care management services (like communicating with the healthcare team to ensure adequate care, finding resources as needed, conflict resolution, identifying new needs, assisting with placement as needed, etc), the current billing rate is between $90-110 per hour in Wisconsin. It will vary by state, so I would check around in your area to see what is being charged. Good luck in your business endeavor if you decide to give it a try!
  7. by   lulu997RN
    thank you Amanda.RN, i am in illinois, i would check locally to get an idea of what the rate is. thanks again for your reply