Opening a Alzheimer's Facility!

  1. My sister and I are both RN's in Maine. We are interested in opening, owning and running an small alzheimer's nursing home (maybe 10 patients.) We would love to provide top quality care and make a good living. Anybody done this or have any experience with the success of opening this type of facility?
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  3. by   nightmare
    Have you had a lot of experience with Alzheimers patients?
  4. by   Angela11
    My sister works in an alzheimers unit and has for the past 2 years. She loves the patients. Im currently a traveling ICU nurse...
  5. by   nightmare
    Let me say that I do not own a facility but have worked in one for 17 years.This group of patient are the most challenging,wonderful,heartbreaking people to look after.You will need a group of dedicated staff to do this.I wish you well in your endeavour.
  6. by   bjrussell
    I am a Student at the University of Phoenix getting my Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration. I am interested when its all said and done in opening up my own facility for Alzheimers patients. I have worked with Alzheimers patients in the past but not solely in a Alzheimers unit just in nursing homes that I have worked at. I was wondering what the average square footage is best and how many patients is acceptable in one facility. I have tried looking on the internet but am not finding anything that will work for my paper. Any Suggestions?