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  1. I am a RN with 9 years of ICU Experience and just started doing Travel for the past 4 Months. However, now I am thinking of starting my Own Travel Agency. I have no clue how or where to start. Any pointers/Advises would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much.
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    If you want to start your own travel agency, I would suggest that you first become affiliated with a host travel agency. You would be an independent contractor and split commissions with your host agency the same way a real estate agent splits commissions with a broker. You usually pay a monthly fee for affiliation, training and credentials.

    There are some host agencies that strictly sell travel and there are some host agencies that offer the option of building your own team of agents and earning commission from them as well.

    I ended up joining an agency that allows me to build a team but I prefer to work solo for awhile. I have had much success networking with staffing agencies that specialize in travel nursing assignments. I also make great commissions planning and booking nurse retreats and getaways! I book all types of travel but I really enjoy working within the nursing niche. Since you would become an actual agent with credentials, you would also be able to take advantage of travel agent rates and freebies that are only available to professionals in the travel industry! The work is fairly easy to add to an already busy nursing schedule and its fun!