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I have been out there interviewing for different Critical Care positions and I am just turned off by the low salary that everyone offers me with my Critical Care experience. I am thinking about... Read More

  1. by   stefy01
    Quote from Proverbs16:24
    Nurse Beth!! What is the name of your blog? How did you get started building a multiple income revenue? I am currently a nurse student and already know that bedside nursing is not for me but I like to teach. I look forward to hearing back from you
    This pretty much sounds like me.
  2. by   Daecat
    I would love to know more about what you do
  3. by   Nurse Beth
    Quote from Daecat
    I would love to know more about what you do
    Hi there! I write a career advice column here at allnurses, which you probably already know

    I have a blog, that I use to help coach nurses on professional development, how to land a job, and where I also speak up about all things nursing, such as working conditions. It's informative and entertaining, I hope.

    On the side, I'm a subject matter expert for ANCC, and other nursing organizations as well as HealthStream. I like researching and creating CE content for nurses. I'm a teacher at heart and work as a Tele educator.

    Most recently, I just published my book
    "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job (and your next)" It's on Amazon.

    So I guess you could say I'm into a few different things, all of which I love doing.
  4. by   Luvmyscrubs82
    I'm very interested in this. Can you please message me?
  5. by   KB00
    Hi Milesims, I'm very interested in starting my own home care business and after was wondering if I could chat with you via email because you post has increased my interest in starting my own business.
  6. by   JgCare
    It is interesting to see how many RNs are asking about foot care entrepreneurship. It is a growing field, but you do need one of the certifications - the AFCNA certification or the CFCN one. I own an online course that is a CE prep for them on Professional Education – "Providing excellent continuing education for nurses.", and I used to be surprised when I see the uncertainty in nurses in opening their own business. No longer, as I am now privileged to see the other end of it, the many successful entrepreneurial foot care nurses starting up across the US, and actually across the world! I always recommend they learn about business before jumping in, and the result is happy, successful business owners. BTW, Julia Overstreet, a podiatrist in WA, has a course on opening a FC business, as do we on prof-ed.
    Both are comprehensive, though different, and will serve you well. Do your homework and the business then will work for you!
  7. by   JgCare
    The question on how much can be earned the first year..... that is according to how trained you are, how your business is set up, YOUR MARKETING, and your referral system. Also, actually whether you are able to spend full time on it initially, or have to also work at a job at the same time can affect the success timing. (It will not affect the eventual success - as long as you do not get burned out with having to do so much.) SOOO many contingencies!! I am privileged to mentor many nurses starting out in foot care, so one contingency is if you can find a caring mentor, you will get oodles of help and be faster in your track. This person doesn't even have to be a nurse! NO, you can get great business advice from a successful person in some type of business similar to yours in its conceptual context. And that person would not be fearful of you as competition! Of course, a FC mentor out of your area is good! Primary requirement? CARING about your success.
  8. by   Nurse Elisha
    Here is a list of 20+ nursing ideas that you can do. 2 + Ideas for Your Own Nursing Business – Nurse Elisha In this list I have also placed nursing businesses under the category. You can check out what other nurses do and have done
  9. by   Nurse Elisha
    I had my own footcare business for 3 years. I grew it to where I saw 100+ clients consistently every month around the 6 month mark. It is really low overhead. I also never got certified by the WOCN just because I wanted to show people that you do not always need to be certified to be successful at something. I contracted with hospice agencies, home health agencies, ALFs, and did private homes. Good luck with your adventure and if you have any questions on what type of supplies to have I did a lot of trial and error and only used 1 drill bit (by the end)
  10. by   JgCare
    Were you using disposable bits/burs, Nurse Elisha? These are becoming "the thing to do" in podiatry, and the topic of conversations. What are your thoughts on that? The discussion includes statements such as "they cannot be cleaned well enough so disposables should be the norm." and "cleaned with a wire brush, etc and autoclaved the re-usables are good to go, if you know when to replace them."
    I agree that becoming certified is not necessary - I know many that are not and are successful, but all said further education in foot care was important. One went so far as to say "my training ended at the ankle, only included anatomy." Others agreed. Do you agree with them?
    A 100+ patient load in 6 months is awesome! You were on the move! Did you not care for the biz? Is that why your moved in a different direction? If so, what did you not like about it?
  11. by   Nurse Elisha
    I absolutely agree with more education needed! I had no idea how to do footcare until I paid to be trained. When I said that I did not want to be certified, that did not mean that I would not continue to educate myself. I educated myself on weekly and sometimes daily bases. There is always something to learn!

    The type of bits that I found myself using is a diamond plate bit. I tried disposable and I tried a handful of other ones, but I love the pedicure bit made by Erica's Pedicure Bit – Erica's ATA I own a small autoclave and I have done the wire brush cleaning. I own 10 of these bits.

    So as for the foot care business, I was not in love with treating peoples feet. I loved taking care of the person and I loved the one on one time. I really just wanted to expand what I did and pursue more of what I loved doing
  12. by   Tweetybird_30
    I like your suggestion of being a contract nurse. How can one go about that? Any website, or forum on doing this?