massage and hospice

  1. here. I am a massage therapist and nurse with hospice. It is so wonderful...the perfect balance for me of nursing. Just wish there was less paperwork as a nurse and more time as a massage therapist.
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  3. by   debbers
    i have enclosed a link referring to hospice is a growing, needed field for end of life patients. so inspiring.......
  4. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    Really interesting! I've always been aware of the benefits of back rubs and such. This is something I'm interested in! Is the massage a medicare benefit or how is the billing done? Thanks!
  5. by   doulaarts
    Hi debbers,
    This is the direction I am going (massage) but have been thinking of Lymphedema specialty. Are you a hospice employee or do you have a contract with them and they call you as needed? I know that our local hospice has someone on call and she apparently does not work much - I honestly don't know how many hours she works and it is all relative of course. How did you happen to get into both these fields?
    Thank you
  6. by   debbers
    There is a hospice in our area that hires massage therapists. I have no idea how often they work or how they are paid. I am an LMT and LPN....and I happen to work in an inpatient unit in which the unit manager is excited about offering massage to our patients. At present, our company does not hire massage therapists. We are attempting to present it as a needed, beneficial treatment for pts. We write a drs order for it, put it in the poc and mars as a prn treatment. The news travels...from pts and staff. At present, I am going into the unit on my days a paid capacity...just to do massage. It is just so wonderful. I also work the night shift which affords me more time (as a nurse) to offer massage as a treatment....just as I would wound care, SVNS, etc. It is catching on....and I am teaching others to at least administer "comfort touch" to the pts. Very rewarding. debi
  7. by   southcarolina716
    I just wanted to add...I work for a Hospice and was planning on going for my RN, after watching our Massage Therapist and the amazing ways she is able to help our patients I've changed my plans. Our patients are in love with her and she can do things for their pain that no meds can do!! It is absolutely amazing!
  8. by   lovesthejob
    Hi South Carolina how is it going becoming a rn. I am a registered nurse in cincinnati ohio and I have also been a massage therapist for 10 years. Vitas did hire LMT but they are weaning the massage therapists out it is too bad. I only got to work for 6 months they were not interested in me as a nurse. They took me on for about 3 months and as my patients starting to die they would not give me anymore. I really loved it ehile it lasted. They are giving the massages to just 2 girls they must be getting them to charge less, You do your own billing and it takes 2 months to get paid. I was having such a hard time with my finances and had to go on food stamps I actually begged for work the CEO in Cincinnati ignored me and would not help. I also have been ill and I had back surgery. I can do the hospice massages and I get great feedback and I love to help patients it is just too bad Vitas didnt appreciate my talant ot try to help me so I could just eat. I would have worked as anurse or massage therapist but I was completely blown off. I want to keep doing hospice massage but dont know of any other companies that would pay me. I am thinking of volunteering because I loved the patients but I need to get my mortgage and I will soon lost electricity and water and phone I cant understand why Vitas Hospice wouldnt help but I have heard from the other therapist that they are getting rid of LMT at least in Cincinnati