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  1. I am a 53 y.o. LPN on disability. I cannot do physical demanding and high stress jobs. I was wondering about massage therapy. I do give my dh massages and have thought about being a MT from time to time. However, I thought that it may be too physically taxing. Also, am intrigued by reiki, although, I realize that is more about energy than physical. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   elkpark
    I don't have any "insider" experience, but I do know that every time I've gotten a massage I've been struck by what an obvious physical workout it was for the massage therapist. A lot more hard physical labor than I'd be willing to put forth on a regular basis ...
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    MT is now licensed in your state (PA?) and requires a minimum of 600 hours. However, if you just do Reiki, which is considered energy work, with no physical manipulation of tissue it may be exempt. You could contact the state board to be certain about that.

    Visit a few Reiki Centers in your area and meet the Masters who do the training or "attunement process". Find one you are comfortable with. Attend a couple of group sessions. Make sure you have a feel for it since all the levels can be expensive. Massage School at a good community college, county or city votech is alot cheaper and then a couple of Nursing Therapeutic Touch (Dolores Krieger) classes might be interesting although a different approach.


    Massage can be fatiquing work if you are doing Swedish or deep tissue work but you can also specialize in infants, pregnant women, cranial sacral or choose from a whole list of modalities until you find your nitch.

    Also, in states that have licensure the hospitals and other health care centers (Cancer, Rehab, etc) may utilize MTs. You would primarily be doing spot massages and not the full body spa treatment.
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