Looking to start manufacturing scrubs

  1. Wanting to know if anyone else has attempted this and how it went. Have been planning for about 4 months so far. Its very involved. Here are my thoughts so far:

    * comfort seems to be most important.
    * Being made is USA is bigger issue than I expected - I have excellent opportunity to manufacture scrubs in vietnam (my wife is from there) but I really want to give this shot in USA first.
    * You need to have a strong online presence...blog/website/social networks.
    * depending on fabric/water resistant fabric integrated can get costly.

    Looking for those who might have attempted this....thanks Carl

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    No experience here, but yes, I would agree with a strong online presence being important. What about a Niche area of scrubs for MEN. Not pink flowery scrubs, but scrubs for MEN. There are various nursing associations you could somehow align yourself with for publicity.

    I pretty much guarantee you that if you would specialize in MALE NURSING scrubs you would hit a niche that does not seem to be tapped into and an area that continues to grow. I think even with the male scrubs there seems to be a minimum amount of choice when it comes to surgical scrubs, often ER docs will wear scrubs...I get most of my scrubs made by a personal friend due to lack of choice.

    I would also recommend even contacting kingsize direct, they are a men's big and tall online source. I have been on them for sometime to get scrubs with no success. Yes there are big men that are nurses as well!

    Good luck!