Electronic Medical Records

  1. Hello colleagues--

    I am back again at serious contemplation on starting my own business providing home visits... so once again have started to look into what's happening on this forum and elsewhere.

    Practice Fusion is a ***FREE*** EMR that I learned about at a free clinic in SC where I did some volunteer work.

    Have not explored this forum to see if anyone has posted on this or not, but just wanted to share. I think it's pretty user friendly. For the type of work I will be doing having a good EMR is going to be crucial. FREE!

    Push onward, nurses... we have professional services and the sky is the limit for us. If I can channel my energy into this I do believe it's my ticket.

    I have been a nurse forever, worked as a NP for about 5 years (was not a good fit for me), but have been out of the workforce for the last 3 years caring full-time for my mother. Because I have not been "employed" in so long it is not so easy to break back into the world of being an "employee". I need flexibility as well to continue to care for my mother. If I can do it right, I think it will work.

    Check out Practice Fusion and if anyone has any thoughts on this EMR or another I'd love to learn.

    Thanks for this great forum and website. I recommend it all the time!

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  3. by   passionflower
    Really can't offer any advice re: EMR but wanted to wish you luck on your entrepreneurial endeavors. I definitely think we as nurses undervalue our services and rely to much on being "given" a job when we should be "offering" our services for a fair price. Maybe some day....
  4. by   Race Mom
    I checked out Practice Fusion. I signed in to look it over, now they want to have my MD info. Do you have to be a physician to use it?