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I am a RN in the midwest and have started a CPR & First Aid instruction business. I teach to doctors offices, daycares, churches, nursing schools, nursing homes, DDS offices, law enforcement etc. I... Read More

  1. by   Sally Sue
    I am also interested in your manual i currently have my own business but current information would help. I am in the michigan area.
  2. by   shellig
    I am interested too (in Tennessee).
  3. by   vizzle
    Can you give me more information about this? i am interested in doing this. Who are your certs through? Red cross? I thought they limit the amount of classes they allow one to teach?
  4. by   MommyJoy
    I realize this post is about 3 yrs old. But my friend and I are wanting to start out own business. Do you have any tips?
  5. by   rachel33138
    I'm interested in doing the same thing. Here are the info. I have gathered so far:
    - take an instructor course( i like American Heart association, search a school that teach their instructor course.
    - affiliate yourself with a training Center. ( you can only purchase the cards from the training center you affiliate yourself with)
    here is a link for the info: http://www.americanheart.org/present...tifier=3027092

    please let me know if you know anything that i don't know.
  6. by   Williss2

    My friend and I started doing this as well. We got certified and later split up. I am affiliated with a training center and do courses here and there. I thought that doing this could get me out of floor nursing and there was just not enough money in it for me. You could get a full class of people and expect a certain amount of money and have half the class cancel on the day of. Also, at least here, I have to wait on my training center to prepare the cards and so people could not get their cards on the same day. There were people who called and needed their cards the same day or they could not work, or they forgot that their cards expired and I would not be able service them. I do enjoy teaching the class though. Since I have all the materials, I just do it on the side here and there.