Certified Nutrition Support Nurse

  1. has anybody done anything with this certification , opened a business or a consulting business ? been doing some research on it .
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  3. by   wellcoachRN
    Interesting idea. What would you like to do with the certification?

    My concern would be the legality of it since most states only allow RDs to give advice and design meal plans. You might consider becoming a wellness coach which covers a wider spectrum and can be more marketable as a business. If your niche is weight loss, you could obtain your certification in Lifestyle and Weight Management certification through ACE fitness.
    If you are interested in wellness coaching, you can also look at Wellcoaches or the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. IIN has incredible marketing and business building potential. Many of their coaches earn six figures with no medical background. Wellcoaches is a highly respected program as well. Duke University also has an incredible wellness coaching program.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what you learn.
  4. by   medsearcher1
    thanks ive been searching for a way to advance my career outside of traditional pathways . what you suggested sounds amazing . how is wellness coaching for you ? does it pay well ? do you feel happy at the end of the day ? pat
  5. by   wellcoachRN
    I am just starting my second career as a wellness coach. I am completing my certifications and hope to be free from hospital nursing early next year. I got burned out in ICU and cardiac cath lab with the constant call. My favorite thing about nursing was the health education. I decided to seek out a career that I could do just that. My plan is to do workshops, group coaching,teleseminars and corporate health. I turned to wellness coaching after seeing so many preventable illnesses caused by lifestyle. I used to get upset when patients would be handed prescriptions and their lifestyle habits would never be addressed. I also got upset when the docs I worked with said that there was no money in wellness and disease prevention. My advice to you is to start investigating programs and go with the one that makes you most excited. I love IIN and Wellcoaches. I am getting incredible support in building my business. For example, right now at IIN, there is a $100,000 income challenge. I will participate in the next one since i am swamped right now. Wellcoaches will be helped establish criteria for national certfication and are affilited with Harvard. If you are interested in more details, private message me and I can answer any questions you have. To Your Future Success!